Local Business Incentives

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Community Development Block Grant

    • Creates and retains permanent, private sector job opportunities through the expansion and retention of business and industry in Ohio communities through Fixed Assets Loans and Public Off-site Infrastructure Assistance.

    • Non-entitlement cities and counties may apply on behalf of for-profit businesses committing to create at least five jobs within its jurisdiction.


Enterprise Zone

    • Provides real property tax incentives for businesses that expand or locate in Ohio.

    • To secure tax incentives for qualified new real and/or personal property investment, non-retail business must apply to the local community prior to making the investment.


Community Reinvestment Act

    • Provides local real property tax incentives for residents and businesses.

    • Real property investors meeting the local criteria thresholds must apply to the municipality or county for the real property tax exemption.


Revolving Loan Funds

    • Provides gap financing for local business development.


Municipal Job Creation Tax Credit

    • Provides credit against local corporate municipal tax based on income tax withholding for new job creation.


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