Shelby County is very fortunate to have a progressive community with many high quality companies. It has been said that “Shelby County is known for the companies we keep!” Our goal is to assist these companies in any way possible to provide an attractive business climate.


If you are considering a new location for your company, we believe that you have come to one of the best locations in Ohio.  In fact, Sidney-Shelby County has been ranked a Top 100 U.S. Micropolitan by Site Selection Magazine 13 years running, ranking #4 in 2023!  Sidney-Shelby County businesses benefit from our industrial amenities, diverse economy, workforce initiatives and vibrant communities.

TOP MICROSite Selection recently ranked Sidney-Shelby County as the #4 U.S. Micro in 2023. This is the 13th consecutive year in the Site Selection Top 100 Micro ranking.



SidneyHousing.com was created to promote ways to Own, Invest and Develop Housing and Related Amenities in Sidney. We encourage you to visit the site to learn more!

BEST DOWNTOWN PLACEMAKING AWARD – Sidney received the Best Downtown Placemaking award from Heritage Ohio in 2023.  Read more.

Heritage Ohio presents award to Downtown Sidney

Industrial Sites Available – Shelby County offers a variety of industrial sites to meet your business needs. Please see Site Selection Toolkit, Site and Building Search, for complete details.

Shelby Spotlight

Sidney-Shelby Named No. 4 in Prestigious Top 100 Micropolitan List for 2023!

The Sidney-Shelby County area was again named to the prestigious Top 100 Micropolitan list by Site Selection Magazine. Sidney has been in the Top 100 for the last 13 years. This year, we were named the No. 4 micropolitan nationwide. Site Selection looks at an annual snapshot of economic investment. Ohio received the highest state ranking with 15 micropolitans in the Top 100.


Site Selection Magazine’s award focuses on new corporate facility projects with significant impact, including headquarters, manufacturing plants, research & development operations and logistics sites, among others. It does not track retail and government projects, or schools and hospitals.


“Projects have to be a new or expanded facility of at least 20,000 sq. ft., create at least 20 new jobs or require at least a $1 million investment to qualify,” said James Hill, executive director of the Sidney-Shelby Economic Partnership.


The Office of Management and Budget has identified 543 Micropolitans in the U.S. A micropolitan is defined as an area adjacent to a metropolitan city with (a city) of at least 10,000 but less than 50,000, plus adjacent territory.