Organization and Mission

Our Organization

Formed in 1983, the Sidney-Shelby Economic Partnership is a not-for-profit organization composed of business, community and government leaders dedicated to maintaining the economic growth and stability of Shelby County, Ohio. The Partnership facilitates these relationships in order to enhance business development, creating community economic growth and stability.

Our Mission

The Partnership’s mission is to help attract new businesses to Shelby County. At the same time, the Partnership remains dedicated to the retention and expansion of businesses already established in the county.


The Partnership works closely with state and local government officials to make known financial and employment incentives available under Ohio law. We are here to help you build a successful business. If you are considering a new location for your company, we hope you agree that Shelby County is one of the best possible locations in Ohio. The Sidney-Shelby Economic Partnership businesses benefit from our industrial amenities, diverse economy and vibrant communities.

Available services for new and expanding businesses include:


  • Site and building information
  • Financing information
  • Utility information
  • Transportation information
  • Market information


  • Labor information
  • Tax information and incentives
  • Planning and coordinating of the entire project
  • Publicity opportunities
  • Workforce Development