Workforce Partnership

The Workforce Partnership of Shelby County is a non-profit organization founded by private business leaders in the county.



The Goal:

To prepare the emerging workforce through educational curriculum that teaches the skills needed to be an excellent employee and offers experiences exposing them to careers right here in Shelby County. The Partnership works hand-in-hand with the business leaders and county schools.


For more information on the Workforce Partnership, visit or contact Deb McDermott, Director, at or call 937-498-9900.

The Workforce Partnership of Sidney-Shelby County has much to celebrate as their programming continues to grow.


For the upcoming school year, the Workforce Academy will expand at Sidney High School. Ross Casting Innovations (RCI), will be funding and implementing a pilot program where students will experience a new, challenging educational experience by learning advanced skills needed to be successful in college or in the workplace. Accelerated topics covered include technology basics, safety, quality assurance, business processes, management and operations, public speaking, and other related topics. A Careers II class has been added which will allow students to continue development of a personal career plan as well as expose them to in-demand careers in Shelby County. Enrollment for the other Academy classes at SHS are projected to more than double the pilot year at approximately 300 students, and every 7th and 8th grade student at SMS will go through the Academy as well.


The Workforce Academy will expand throughout the county as well. In partnership with Fort Loramie Schools, a state-of-the-art media center is being designed with four Academy classes being offered. Additionally, Anna Local Schools will be offering a Workforce Academy class to their high school students and Russia Local Schools, Sidney Christian Academy, and Lehman Catholic High School will be partnering with the Workforce Partnership as well. A total of approximately 1900 Shelby County students will pass through the Workforce Academy during the upcoming school year.